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High-Voltage Leather Protectors

The Kunz Innovative "free-thumb" design:

  • increases mobility & comfort
  • reduces hand stress & fatigue

Wearing rubber insulating gloves and leather protectors severely inhibits a lineworker's hand mobility. Due to the thickness and natural elasticity of both glove materials, and aggravated by the increasing use of thicker, higher-voltage rubber gloves, complaints of hand fatigue and discomfort are frequent.

To help in this matter, the Kunz Glove Company set a goal to develop a protector that would increase hand mobility. One that would reduce hand stress, discomfort and fatigue while maintaining the required mechanical protection and fit for maximum life and safety.

The result is our "free-thumb" high-performance protector. Our protectors now do more than just provide mechanical protection for expensive rubber gloves. Reengineered from our top-quality protector, the "free-thumb" design is cut to allow more stretch in the palm and thumb of the glove. Less effort is required to fully open the hand. Fatigue is reduced while worker comfort and performance are increased.

On our catalog pages you will find many styles and types of lineworkers protectors. Each and every protector features Kunz innovative "free thumb" design. Another feature that distinguishes Kunz as the industry leader!

Cream-colored cowhide #1050

Red buffed cowhide #1007

Bucktan-cowhide #1057

Buckskin #1002

Pearl-colored goatskin #1200

Cream-colored goatskin #1005

Cowhide Protectors
Our most popular and most durable. Specially tanned 2.75 oz. to 3.5 oz. weight grain leather is uniform, soft and pliable. Flexible and long-wearing qualities make these ideal for heavy wear. Our bucktan and cream-colored cowhide provide a traditional-feel, while the buffed-red cowhide is tanned to be more flexible. More economical split cowhide protectors, as well as water-repellent cream-colored gloves, are also available upon request from the factory.

Buckskin Protectors
Made from elk or deerskin, buckskin is often preferred for its more supple feel and durability. Better for cold and/or wet weather conditions. Although lighter in weight, these protectors offer many of the same qualities which made our Kunz buckskin work gloves famous.

Goatskin Protectors
Lightweight and flexible, goatskin offers the best dexterity. This supple, cream or pearl-colored leather returns to its original texture after exposure to moisture.

ASTM Specifications
The right leather protector for you application








11" 1050-2 1007-2 1057-2 1002-2 1200-2 1005-2
12" 1050-3 1007-3 1057-3 1002-3 1200-3 1005-3
13" 1050-4 1007-4 1057-4 1002-4 1200-4 1005-4
14" 1050-5 1007-5 1057-5 1002-5 1200-5 1005-5
15" 1050-6 1007-6 1057-6 1002-6 1200-6 1005-6
16" 1050-7 1007-7 1057-7 1002-7 1200-7 1005-7
16" contour 1050-7CC 1007-7CC 1057-7CC 1002-7CC 1200-7CC 1005-7CC

Available Styles

One Finger Mitten
The same overall length as five finger protectors

Shirred Elastic or Plain Back
Available for those who prefer protectors without the standard back strap.

Bell Cuff
Designed for an optimal fit on rubber gloves with this cuff style, or for those who want extra room in the gauntlet area. Available on all cuffs with lengths of 3" to 7".

Contour Cuff
Matches rubber gloves of the same design. Available in 5", 6" or 7" cuff lengths.

One Finger Mitten 1F*

Shirred Back SB*
Plain Back PB*

Bell Cuff BC*

Contour Cuff CC*

* add suffix - 1F, SB, PB, BC, or CC - to catalog number when ordering to ensure you get the style preferred.

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