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Lineman's Style Work Gloves

The world's finest utility work glove

Kunz work gloves have set the standard for durability and comfort that others have tried to equal. Specially selected materials and quality workmanship make Kunz gloves the finest in the industry.

For extra comfort, gloves are sewn in the gunn pattern with strong nylon thread. Reinforced welted thumb seams and Davey tips on the fingers give extra wear and prevent seams from ripping in critical locations. A leather welt at the base of the fingers gives extra protection for a heavy wear area.

Three specially tanned heavy weight (4 oz. plus) grain leathers are used in the manufacture of Kunz work glove. Each has distinctly different characteristics. Leather Characteristics.

Foreman's Style

Slip-on Style

4.5" Gauntlet

6.5" Gauntlet

Wide Cuff

One Finger
Work Mitten

Foreman's style
Designed for light duty wear. 10" overall length with open cuff, it is ideal for jobs needing maximum dexterity.

Slip-on style
A durable glove for almost any application. The 2" split leather safety cuff has a reinforcing wrist pad and offers limited arm protection.

Gauntlet style
The most popular style for lineworkers. A reinforced thumb strap makes this design our most durable. The 4.5" and 6.5" lined split leather cuff offers different degrees of arm protection (split leather gloves have fabric cuff). Elastic back adds comfort and prevents slipping. For extra heavy duty applications, heavy (5 to 5.5 oz.) buckskin leather is offered.

Wide cuff gloves
Designed for cold weather wear or for those who are looking for additional room in the gauntlet. Palms are constructed the same as our gauntlet style work glove. The 5" long split leather reinforced cuff is 9" wide to accommodate winter clothing.

One finger work mittens
Provide extra warmth in cold weather. Inseam sewn with cotton thread with a reinforced thumb strap. The 9" wide split leather lined cuff easily accommodates winter clothing. For extra warmth, liners may be used.








BUCKSKIN 390 400 148 174 92 212
HEAVY BUCKSKIN N/A N/A 150 175 93 214
CREAM COWHIDE 365 25 290 700 91 N/A
RED BUFFED COWHIDE 385 20 120 160 94 N/A
BUCK-TAN COWHIDE 395 302 300 306 N/A N/A
GOATSKIN 360 85 95 90 N/A N/A

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