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When it comes to quality, no one comes close to Kunz Glove. Over the past century, Kunz has become known as the standard for when it comes to line worker gloves. We pride ourselves on being the preferred supplier for leather gloves in the power utility industry.

Our commitment to quality begins at the selection of raw materials. Individual hides are hand-inspected and selected for each production run. The specially graded leather is then cut for proper fit and sewn with durable nylon thread. Additionally, every product is checked multiple times throughout the process and shaped using specialized hand formers to ensure the proper size and fit.

Purchasing from Kunz Glove gives you the confidence that you have the highest quality gloves. We produce premium products, paying careful attention to customer requirements, and meeting ASTM specifications.

What we do: We produce premium glove products for our customers, decade after decade. The name “Kunz” means the highest quality and the best value gloves that money can buy.

What makes us different: Our products are manufactured with personal attention to customer requirements, exceeding baseline specifications.

Where we are located: Our factory is located in The Fulton Market District in Chicago, IL. Each pair of Kunz gloves is made start-to-finish in the USA.

What We’re Known For: Providing unique hand protection solutions for our nation’s skilled Lineman at fair prices. Generations of working professionals have called Kunz “home” for all of their glove needs.

Humble Beginnings: Joseph Kunz began manufacturing leather gloves in 1900 with a small, three-person factory located on the near West Side of downtown Chicago. The goal? Manufacture the highest quality leather glove and sell it for a fair price. A century later, our 40 employees are still in the West Loop carrying out Mr. Kunz’s vision on a daily basis.

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“Joe’s Place”: The bridge and iron workers of Chicago routinely visited “Joe’s Place” for a good pair of gloves in the 1920′s. As time went on, a new group of working professionals emerged – Power Utility Lineman – all demanding Kunz gloves.

Growth & Expansion: It wasn’t long before Kunz gloves were available to the entire power utility industry. In the early 1930′s, we introduced leather protectors for rubber insulating gloves to meet the standards of working energized power lines.

Back to Where it All Started: As the company grew, so did the demand for space. The factory has moved a total of four times and as of 2010, settled in our fifth location on Fulton Street – just a few blocks from where Mr. Kunz began operations back in 1900.



1532 W Fulton St, Chicago, IL 60607

PHONE - (312) 733-8780

FAX - (312) 733-5474

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Every glove manufactured by Kunz meets hand protection industry standards for Cut, Puncture, FR, and ARC.

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