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Puncture and Cut Rated Work Gloves in Chicago, IL

Kunz Gloves' work gloves in Chicago, IL, have set the standard for durability and comfort that others have tried to equal. Specially selected American sourced materials and quality workmanship make our glove the finest and most comfortable in the industry. 

We manufacture custom gloves for the utility, power and energy, and technology industry. The quality of production and turn around that we offer are handmade through our production and assembly lines.

Shop with us for quality premium glove products in Chicago, IL.

Work Glove Foreman's Style – Chicago, IL

Foreman's Style

Designed for light wear. 10" overall length with open cuff, it is ideal for jobs needing maximum dexterity.


Work Glove Slip-On Style– Chicago, IL

Slip-On Style

The slip-on is a durable glove for almost any application.  It has reinforced wrist pad and a 2" split, leather safety cuff, offering limited arm protection.


Work Glove Gauntlet Style– Chicago, IL

Gauntlet Style

Easily the most popular style for line workers, the gauntlet's reinforced thumb strap makes this design our most durable to date.  This style is available with either 4.5" or 6.5" split leather lined cuffs for varying degrees of arm protection with a fabric cuff.  Plus, the elastic back adds comfort and prevents slipping.  For extra heavy duty applications, heavy (5 to 5.5 oz.) buckskin leather can be used.


Work Glove Wide Cuff Style– Chicago, IL

Wide Cuff Style

Designed for cold weather or for those who are looking for extra arm space, the wide cuff is similar to the gauntlet.  The palms are constructed the same as our gauntlet style, with split cuffs that are 5" of reinforced leather.  These cuffs, however, are 9" wide to accommodate winter clothing.


Work Glove One Finger Style - Chicago, IL

One Finger Style

Our one finger work mittens are perfect for when you need extra warmth in the cold months.  The inseam is sewn with cotton thread with a reinforced thumb strap.  The 9" wide split, leather lined cuffs are made for winter clothes, and liners can even be used for added warmth.





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Every glove manufactured by Kunz meets hand protection industry standards for Cut, Puncture, FR, and ARC.

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